Carry The Boats

Carry The Boats

Make It Count x Tag Team x Don't Stop

Bred by Stork Livestock

Make It Count x Tag Team x Don’t Stop

Bred By & Owned With Stork Livestock

Stork Livestock - October 1stto May 14th

PBG Goats (Good Hope, IL) - May 15th to September 30thFirst Chance

“FIRST CHANCE” AUCTION Aug. 25th – Jumps / Partials / Individuals / Frozen

Contact Maycon Stork @ 254-485-4056 or Cooper Bounds @ 443-974-8443


MAYCON STORK -“There is no secret I LOVE this one and he is being used harder than any sire we have jumped to date, and we aren’t slowing down anytime soon! Our industry is as competitive as ever and I am as confident in “Carry The Boats” potential as any we could offer.

“Carry The Boats” is the most intriguing individual we have assembled throughout our tenure. Genetically flawless and phenotypically as exciting of one as we could imagine. He is massive about his bone work being stout skulled, big footed and as masculine in his feature as any. The look and presence he offers is next level being short eared, wild necked, extremely round bodied and shaggy. Top side skeleton is unreal, he’s perfect in his edges and handles as true and explosive as any we make. Design, build and skeletal quality is unmatched being dead level, huge pinned, square, functional and pliable at the surface.

Carry The Boats reads to be a dominant threat at every indicator and has the capability to propagate more banners, breeding stock and revenue than any before him.“


Great livestock possess an innate ability to progressively improve each and every day. Carry The Boats is not only the most impressive baby I’ve had the chance to see at Maycon’s, but he has managed to hit me harder through each and every stage of maturity!